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Barring an unexpected transaction this summer the Houston Rockets will enter NBA 2K18 with the highest rated backcourt in the game. By acquiring Chris Paul in a trade today they’ve passed by the Golden State Warriors duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Paul is rated 91 Overall making him the third best point guard 2K. He’s now paired with James Harden’s 96 Overall. Presumably Harden will be shifting back to more of a traditional shooting guard role but naturally he’ll still have the ball in his hands a lot. Both are great passers – Harden actually a better passer than Paul according to 2K – so regardless of who is primarily handling it on a given possession good things can happen. Curry (95) and Thompson (88) now drop to the second highest rated backcourt duo. Next behind them are the Wizards (John Wall 90, Bradley Beal 87) and Raptors (DeMar DeRozan 89, Kyle Lowry 88) though they may be broken up this offseason with the latter entering free agency. In the deal for Paul the Clippers received in return Lou Williams (80), Patrick Beverley (78), and Sam Dekker (73). The Clippers will look very different in 2K18 with the loss of Paul, Blake Griffin possibly moving on, and potential trades being discussed regarding DeAndre Jordan. Continue reading...
Diamond Dynasty Update: Two All-Star Programs Added For the first time this season, we’ve seen two Programs added to Diamond Dynasty on the same day. They are the All-Star Ryne Sandberg and All-Star Felix Rodriguez Programs. The final prize for each is an All-Star Ryne Sandberg (99 overall) that mashes righties and is a solid fielder, and an All-Star Felix Rodriguez (98) that dominates overall. The missions for these programs can be completed offline or online. For the Ryne Sandberg Program, the difficult missions will be amassing 675 plate appearances with All-Star Series players (including other associated stats), and exchanging 99,000 points of Live series second basemen — at least in the short term as prices are already up as of today. Some might also have difficulty amassing 3 hits, 1 run, 1 double and 1 RBI in the same game with the Bronze Ryne Sandberg that unlocks when you’ve completed 50 percent of the missions. For the Felix Rodriguez Program, the difficult mission will be amassing 236 innings pitched with All-Star Series starting pitchers (including other associated stats). In addition, if you don’t have him already, the Live Series Felix Rodriguez that you need to collect has already gone from roughly 6,500 Stubs to now 23,000 Stubs. Presumably the cost of his Live Series card will come back down a bit in time, but in the short term that’s quite a jump up in price. Some also might not have five All-Star starting pitchers to use right now in order to efficiently complete the innings pitched. To help with these missions, the Ticket Counter has also been given an update. All-Star Adrian Gonzalez (92) was added to the Ticket Counter today, as well as All-Star Jackie Bradley Jr. (86) — you need to be Gold Level 50 and have the Tickets to buy these. Other new player items that will be showing up in the Ticket Counter in the coming days include All-Star Ben Zobrist (97), All-Star Sean Doolittle (92), All-Star Ervin Santana (88), and All-Star Devin...
Madden Ultimate Team: Which Cards Are We Most Looking Forward to in Madden 18? With the recent news about the direction of Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 18, I was left wondering which cards the community was most looking forward to. The clear favorites are the new “elite” cards, which every player will get upon pre-ordering Madden 18. All 32 NFL teams have an elite player, and will include the following players. Out of all these players listed above, there are quite a few I’d like to build my MUT squad around. At quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees stand out above the rest. Rodgers may be the most physically gifted QB in the NFL, and should be the second highest-rated quarterback aside from Madden 18 cover man Tom Brady.0 At running back, Ezekiel Elliott and David Johnson seem to be the two most dynamic players. With David Johnson having the slight edge as an overall better running back. That’s not to say Zeke can’t get there, but David Johnson is the NFL’s best running back and should be in Madden 18. At wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown and Julio Jones remain the league’s best pass catchers. All three are interchangeable, and would be a significant centerpiece to any MUT team. Each player is a great building block and will be highly sought after this year. For the hardcore MUT players that want to spend the additional money on the G.O.A.T. Edition of Madden, there are five exclusive legends for you to choose from. These players will be more valuable, and should be held at a higher standard among the MUT community. Being able to start your team with a G.O.A.T. Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders or Ray Lewis is a huge piece for every player to build upon. Each is the “G.O.A.T.” at his respective position and would be well worth the upgrade. Aside from the obvious choices stated above, the “usual...
The Golf Club 2 Video - Full Course Designer Details The Golf Club 2 designers hosted a live Twitch stream earlier today, going over the changes in their course designer. Check out the archive here and post your thoughts. [​IMG] The post The Golf Club 2 Video - Full Course Designer Details appeared first on Operation Sports. Steve Noah
Gaming News NHL 18 Screenshots
NHL 18 Screenshots EA has just sent us these NHL 18 screenshots. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]...
Gaming Reviews Impact Winter Review
Impact Winter Review Trudging through a desolate, snow-covered landscape for ten minutes, scavenging a couple of gas cans, and hiking another ten minutes back to the fire you need to fuel sounds like a chore. This series of actions is what characterizes the experience of Impact Winter, a slow-paced survival game. But monotonous as it may seem, you'll be driven to keep performing these actions because of the tense scenario that contextualizes them. Instead of challenging you to persist indefinitely, Impact Winter asks you to endure for a set amount of time with the looming promise of rescue--an end to your struggles--and pushes you to stretch your already thin resources just that little bit further. You play as Jacob, who leads a group of four other calamity survivors. They're holed up in a church when a little robot called Ako-light springs to life, broadcasting a mysterious transmission that states a rescue operation is occurring in 30 days. Jacob's task is to leave the safety of the church with Ako-light at his side and traverse the post-apocalyptic tundra, scavenging for supplies in order to keep the group alive until that time. Sometimes, this is all you'll see for a while. Each survivor, including Jacob, has a number of meters that must be maintained at a safe level in order to avoid their deaths or departures from the group. These include overall health, energy, hunger, thirst, temperature, and morale. Keeping the church bonfire fueled and making sure each survivor is fed and happy are as important as exploring the world and completing quest lines, which fast-track the looming rescue operation by taking chunks off the timer. The constant juggling of all these priorities keeps you anxiously engaged, your thoughts constantly being occupied with short-term...