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SimHeads stumbled across a company called, Surface Digital Design, who apparently created the designs for many of the models and artwork shown in BackBreaker. Read their article below to learn more... Backbreaker first started life as a prototype to show the capabilities of Natural Motion’s Morpheme behaviour software. The demo showed off the physics and reactions of american football players making extreme tackles. This mix of physics and behaviour based animation had not been seen before and Natural Motion wanted to take this idea further into a full game.The project needed concepting and art direction, through to full production of characters, stadiums as well as Logo/ UI design, promotional material and box art. We initially started with concepting the main player, he had to look slightly futuristic with a similar silhouette to an American footballer but with more streamlined and clean looking armour. After we settled on a design we took this through the modelling phase and created two other player variants, a slimmer and bigger version. “The project needed concepting and art direction, through to full production of characters, stadiums as well as Logo/ UI design, promotional material and box art” These models had to accommodate 3 uv sets with different textures and decals applied to create the wide variety of teams.At the start of the project the intention was to create only one stadium, but as the game became bigger and was no longer an XBLA title, more stadiums needed to be designed. Natural Motion’s Damien Murphy was able to assist by coming up with extravagant stadium ideas. Working together we were able to model, texture and light the stadiums within a tight timeframe. At the same time of working on the stadiums we were able to get further involved with helping out on the brand identity and user interface design.Finally with the game assets complete finished the project by working on the announcement trailer, promotional renders and work on the final box artwork. It was really good for us to be involved in a project right from the start up until the end.
Russel Westbrook has been named the cover athlete for EA Sports NBA Live 16 basketball game. This news typically comes with release date information and more details, especially with E3 around the corner from us. Will NBA Live 16 be much improved from the previous year? We'll have to wait and see, but I'm one for seeing if EA Sports can breathe life back into there once dominate basketball series we all grew up playing. Share your thoughts on what you think of the cover athlete, along with your opinions of the new series and what improvements you expect to be included for it to stand up to the competition this year.
Super Mega Baseball Update 1.01 Available Now, Details Included
An update to Super Mega Baseball has just arrived for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users, weighing in at 253 MB. You can read all of the details below or click this link. In case you missed it, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One and Steam later this summer. The updates will be free for PlayStation fans. New Features:
  • League-wide customization: Customized player appearances and names can now be used for all AI-controlled teams
  • Ego customization: Ego can now be set independently for each of batting, pitching, fielding and baserunning
  • Batter step out: Batters may now step out of the box before a pitch, to afford more time for strategic decisions
  • Improvements:
  • Better AI bullpen management and pitching strategy to alleviate excessive meltdowns/walks
  • AI baserunners more properly “run on contact” with 2 outs
  • AI defense becomes more effective in rundown situations as baserunning Ego increases
  • Duration of the infield slow-motion assist reduces as fielding Ego increases
  • The fair ball “banner” is no longer displayed on obvious fair balls
  • Improved automatic fielder selection in various situations
  • Outfielders now get a good initial ‘jump’ on batted balls, irrespective of fielding Ego
  • Defensive errors are now slightly more likely to occur on both routine fly balls and sharply hit balls
  • Pitchers’ cumulative wins/losses/saves are shown in the post-game pitching boxscore in Season mode
  • Post-game pitching stats are sorted by order of appearance
  • Improved menu loading times
  • AI infielders will no longer oddly throw the ball “around the horn” after a runner scores
  • Added sound effect when selecting a different playoff bracket
  • Darkened Colonial Plaza field...
NBA Live 16 News Coming This Week
It looks like we are going to get some sort of information on NBA Live 16 prior to E3. In responding to a fan question on their official Twitter account, we can expect to hear something this week. With E3 on the docket for next week, the details will most likely be something related to the release date and/or cover athlete. Last year, EA Sports announced the release date and posted an open letter for NBA Live 15 prior to E3, then revealed Damian Lillard as the NBA Live 15 cover athlete in late August. What are you hoping they reveal? Steve_OS
MLB 15 The Show: Diamond Dynasty Ratings Boost Predictions (6/7/15)
Another week is almost wrapped up in Diamond Dynasty, and the biggest thing that happened over the weekend was that the May Topps 50 card pack was released. It didn't impact the marketplace too heavily, which I'm sure made some happy and others not so much. Nevertheless, it's time to look ahead once again and try to predict who might be getting a ratings boost Monday morning. I'll be breaking the predictions into tiers based on my own confidence level.
Ratings Boost Probability: High
-A.J. Pollock - After a slow start, Pollock has had an unbelievable turnaround. On top of hitting .340 over the last month, he has nine stolen bases and six home runs. Mark Trumbo was just traded as well so that just clears up even more space for Pollock. In other words, Pollock is now bonified in Arizona. -Billy Burns - Burns has put in work as well over the last month. He's not hitting for as much power as Pollock, but he's got the average and steals to go along with a very low rating right now in The Show. -Sonny Gray - Gray is young, he's top 10 in just about every pitching category out there and has only received a plus-one boost to this point in the season. -Gerrit Cole - Everything I said about Gray also applies to Cole. His boost was a more aggressive plus-four, but he's still got room to be improved as he's probably the top pitcher in the NL so far. -Mark Melancon - Melancon was a mess early in the year, but he's bounced back and should at least get back the ratings points he lost earlier in the year. -Carlos Martinez - Cardinals players are getting love almost every week, but Martinez probably deserves to join...
NBA 2K13's Alternate Reality And What It Says About Sports Games
One of the best things I read this week came from Kotaku. Rowan Kaiser wrote a feature about his ongoing time with NBA 2K13 on PC. (And on a personal level, I'm a big fan of Kaiser's work, so it was a double dose of goodness for me.) The feature is about how he's modded NBA 2K13 and turned it into an alternate reality where he mixes today's stars with the stars of old -- and even those that never were like Len Bias -- and creates a new NBA concoction all his own. And I believe this article really speaks to a lot of what many within the Operation Sports community are all about. It's about realism with a twist. It's about controlling your environment but allowing for the organic to happen. It's about fighting against the negatives because you want to love the positives so much. In his case, the biggest negative is a shaky simulation engine, which again, is really high up there on the list of things that continually come up with all sports games here. And the simulation engine bothers him because he's trying to create a believable world within the unbelievable. A 30-team controlled franchise where he tries to setup some interesting parameters -- interjecting himself into the story at points -- and seeing how everything comes together, which is hopefully in a "believable" manner. My favorite part of the article comes near the end as he describes why he keeps playing this game:
"Why do I, someone who primarily makes a living writing about strategy games and RPGs, and someone who generally prefers soccer to basketball, let NBA 2K13 take up 1000+ hours of my life? Why this instead of Mass Effect or Crusader Kings 2? The answer is that I get the same thrill watching what might happen...
NBA 2K16 Covers Can Be Swapped with Insert Included in Each Physical Copy
If you are purchasing a physical copy of NBA 2K16, you will have a choice of which cover athlete you want on the box. Inside of each game box will include an insert, which includes all three covers, so fans will have the ability to swap out James Harden, Steph Curry and Anthony Davis whenever they want to. Source - GameSpot Steve_OS
MLB The Show 15 May Topps 50 Diamond Dynasty Packs Available Now
May Topps 50 Diamond Dynasty packs are available now for MLB 15 The Show costing 12,000 stubs. These packs will be available through the weekend and contain 3 player cards limited to the top 50 performers from the month of May. You are guaranteed a Gold card or higher with 5 times the chance of receiving a Diamond. Steve_OS
Axis Football Overview Axis Football is a high-quality, 3D American Football Game - not a simulator or manager. Choose from 32 team and play in either season mode or a quick match. A great alternative to Madden, Axis Football features excellent controls and a unique mouse-aimed passing system that gives unprecedented accuracy and control of where the ball is thrown. Unlike the few other football games, Axis Football was specifically designed for play on a computer and takes full advantage of the mouse/keyboard controls. Teams and Rosters All 32 cities from the NFL are represented in Axis Football. Each team features its own ranking in passing, running, pass defense, run defense, and special teams. Additionally, each player in the game comes complete with their own stats for all of the various football metrics (speed, tackling, blocking, etc.). New in Axis Football 2015 If you've played the 2014 version, you might be interested to hear of the features we've added in this year's installment.
  • Randomized season schedules. No more playing the same teams in the same weeks every season!
  • Updated team stats. Some teams got better... some got worse! Find out how your favorite team fared.
  • Updated team rosters
  • Added end zone graphics to the field. The home team's graphic will be shown.
  • Added players to the sidelines.
  • Improved stadium graphics and shadows.
  • Added two environmental conditions: Rain and Snow. These conditions have a random chance of occurring during season mode and have a slight effect on ball handling and catching.
Gameplay from Axis Football 2014 Purchase on Steam...
NBA 2K16 To Feature Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden on Cover We're seeing a deluge of 2K News hit today, and it appears that we now know our cover athletes for NBA 2K16. Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden are all going to get their own NBA 2K16 cover. This is contrary to an earlier report which had Kevin Durant and not Anthony Davis on the cover, despite KD promoting the game on his Instagram account. We'll update this story with any official cover art if it happens to be released today. MMChrisS