1. Awards

    1. Grammar Nazi

      Someone who is very articulate and is seen using proper grammar and spelling the majority of the time. Required Trophies: Grammar Nazi

    2. Coder

      Release a quality program on SimHeads that you have coded. It does not matter if application is big or small but it must serve a qualitative and legitimate purpose.

      Required Trophies: Coder

    3. Journalist

      Someone who has had 5 articles promoted to the Homepage. Required Trophies: Journalist

    4. Contest Sponsor

      Someone who has put up a donation or prize for one of our official contests, whether it's a controller, a game, or even money. Required Trophies: Contest Sponsor

    5. Gifter

      Anyone who has bought 10 or more premium packages for others. Required Trophies: Gifter

    6. Treasure

      Have 15 videos published on the Se7enSins YouTube channel.

      Required Trophies: Prolific Youtuber

    7. Tutorial Creator

      Create at least 1 unique quality tutorials for SimHeads.

      Required Trophies: Tutorial Creator

    8. Hexer

      Hex edit at least 5 roster files on SimHeads. It does not matter which game and must be of a certain quality level.