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Discussion in 'APF 2K Rosters' started by aerixx, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. aerixx

    aerixx Rookie

    Can anyone please let me know if there are any updated NFL rosters for APF 2015-2016 for the PS3? If so, please point me in the right direction. Thank you very much.
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  2. fernando

    fernando Rookie

    I'm looking for the same thing man. Hopefully someone will post them here.
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  3. Blackadder

    Blackadder Rookie

    Yes please, can some kind nice person please share your PS3 roster files here please? Even if not complete at least it's a starting point to help us and I have to admit the editor is giving me dangerous levels of stress :)
  4. _Throwback

    _Throwback Rookie

    Did you guys find it yet?

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