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  1. Monroe903

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    Were you able to make that happen with division leaders? I think that's good enough for me, lol...
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  2. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    Still trying to figure that out now at the moment sorry for the delay but all the kinks have not been worked out yet
  3. Monroe903

    Monroe903 Rookie

    No sir, you take your sweet time bro. You've done enough for us already, thank you.
  4. I'm having an issue switching the user playable teams around.
    It will let me remove a team, but when I try to add a team, it says that I have more than 8 when i do not. I am using the editor if that matters. As the guy said above all of the divisional leaders would be nice, though but I am most interested in the Cowboys if somebody could help me out.
  5. Monroe903

    Monroe903 Rookie

    Thank you for working on that bro...I'm like you, I need them Cowboys as a playable team, lol. Hopefully someone will help you rearrange the teams so we can the playoffs started..
  6. gza036

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    Can you please, please make the white in your uniforms one shade darker? They would look much more realistic. You'll notice the default teams uniforms don't use the fluorescent white, it's far too bright, that's not the one that's meant to be used...
  7. Papadonna

    Papadonna Rookie

    Hey do you happen to have a working copy of 1.7 editor...I have version 3 and 4 but they both crash. Additionally, I tried the media trick (inserting resource folders etc) No luck! Thx
  8. gza036

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    I have no idea what you're talking about, lol. I'd also like a copy of the editor
  9. motel08

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    Great work on these rosters.

    I just bought an XBOX 360 and was wondering if you could possibly upload the newest version of KingJavo's editor? All of the links I have found have been linked directly to his personal website which is no longer active.
  10. Zach

    Zach Rookie

    If you go to the resources page you can purchase the ability to download the most recent version of his editor.
  11. Ericb65

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    Are you able to play as all teams in quick game mode or are you only able to play with certain teams. I'm trying to play as the pats but they can only be my opponent
  12. Is there still going to be a college roster?
  13. new to this how do you rehash and what is it?
  14. I downloaded the rosters. I made sure I had a roster saved to my flash drive.

    I copied and pasted the roster downloaded from here.

    I went in horizon rehased resaved and it didn't work for the Xbox 360.

    Please tell what step i'm missing and doing wrong?
  15. Zach

    Zach Rookie

    With your saved roster from your Xbox on your flash drive, open that up in Horizon and bring up the rehash and resign window to save your Xbox's information (I can't remember what the fields are called. Console ID is one I believe?). You can just copy them to notepad or something.

    Then you can delete your roster and inject the downloaded roster. From there when you bring up the rehash and resign window paste your own Xbox's information that you copied into the proper fields of the new roster. Rehash and resign from there and they should load up because the rosters look like they are assigned to your Xbox now.
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  16. cjackbblack

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    Thank you for the rosters! These are great (except the Rams missing their best player Aaron Donald). Were you ever able to finish a season roster that we could use?
  17. cjackbblack

    cjackbblack Rookie

    For anyone saying the rosters are missing this or that or don't like the ratings or just want to change their user controlled teams look up King Javo apf2k8 editor 1.7.

    its the one in operation sports thread

    Works great, simple and easy but after you make any changes to your rosters be sure to resign and rehash your file before plugging your usb in to your 360 or it wont work.
  18. Omengod

    Omengod Rookie

    Are there any rosters available with draft classes?
  19. Omengod

    Omengod Rookie

    Hey BigDave, any new up-to-date rosters with draft classes?
  20. Cyco9

    Cyco9 Rookie

    I'm not sure about horizon but Modio is a simple program to download and the latest version automatically rehashes and resigns the fIle when you save.

    I just downloaded the latest Modio (to import the 360 roster to pc) and the APF pc editor 1.6 (to edit the roster) and was able to quickly update my rosters.

    I hate the cowgirls but next time I do a roster update I'll do an unbiased version of the 2017 Dallas roster and drop it on here.

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