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Discussion in 'All Pro Football 2K' started by King Javo, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    In an effort to improve the APF 2K8 PC Editor, I've created this Thread to cleanly track bugs, issues, or enhancement requests.

    Please ONLY post these in the below format to keep things concise and clean. I'm planning to dedicate more time to improve the editor and need your feedback to make this a success. "Any other posts unrelated to this format that's been added to this thread will be moved, so please keep this clean."

    Thanks for the cooperation and support! :)

    Reporting Format
    Description: Explain the bug... what you're seeing.
    Console: PS3 or 360
    Steps: Exact steps taken to replicate the issue: Don't just post things don't work. Try to reproduce the steps to cause the bug in the least amount of steps possible to narrow down the issue.
    Version: What version of the editor were you using when this happens.
    Screenshots: Take pics of the bug if applicable.
  2. I have a few problems
    1. Why is season mode freezing when I gave all the CPU teams the NFL teams

    2. The names are now being jumbled up when the Sharks into the Cardinals and changed the generic safety to Tywan Mathew(Tyrann Mathieu it's not in database) I only use the names in the database.
  3. MightyRx

    MightyRx Rookie

    3 issues

    1.Birthdates of every player is 01/01/1954
    2.My CAPs histories are a jumbled mess which cause the game to freeze
    3.My created team has the generics as my stars. (pic below. The highlighted players are some of my legends. The players with the stars are generics) It's only a visual issue because in game, your legends are your stars and it doesn't cause a the game to freeze.



    PS. I was able to circumvent the histories problem by changing the CAPs history to none...
    2K editor issue.png
  5. 360

    When I make a CPU team my user team and make my CAP team a CPU team. Instead of switching them it just duplicates the CPU team. So I'll have access to them but they'll still be under the 24 CPU teams. And my CAP team will be nowhere available
  6. kzdwfy

    kzdwfy Rookie

    Description: Anytime I choose Gold, Silver, or Bronze icon to create base settings it changes the player speed and agility to 0
    Console: PC Windows 10
    Steps: Happens every time but only with user teams
    : 1.3
    Screenshots: N/A
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  7. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback! :) This is because those attributes are not really set per tier in the default roster, so I left them at 0. Those are random throughout the roster no matter the tier.
  8. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    This has to do with the CPU slots in game. Those teams will always be shows in the game. Only thing that happens when you make them a USER team is you'll get to control them as well, so they'll be on both sides of the team selection screen.
  9. Kanobi

    Kanobi Rookie

    King Javo - it'd be great if you could implement a way to adjust formation subs and/or sub in/out %'s from the editor. Formation subs is the biggie because it would help make the RB-by-committee teams more true to life. I've been toying with fatigue sliders and rb stamina quite a bit but havent found a solution.
  10. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, I can't recall of hand but does the game allow you to control formation subs? If so, can you remind me where it's done from and I can take a look?
  11. Kanobi

    Kanobi Rookie

    From the main menu:
    Teams --> Manage Teams --> Substitutions
  12. deeoutdat7

    deeoutdat7 Rookie

    where can I find the new apf editor?
  13. RamosLynn

    RamosLynn Rookie

    Description: NFL team names get messed up
    Console: 360
    Steps: When editing for ONLINE using, the NFL team names get messed up with random typing of the game.
    Screenshots: N/A

    Description: Constant error messages when I try to open editor, forces me to close software
    Console: 360
    Steps: As soon as I try to open editor, or when I try to edit a player, I've only tried in ONLINE mode.
    Screenshots: Will do shortly
  14. Black59Razor

    Black59Razor Rookie


    Not sure if this has been discussed but I just recently started getting a "Couldn't save Free Agent file". After I get that, it then shows the usual "Save complete. File still needs rehash resign" but when I load it up on the 360, no changes were saved. Btw I wasn't even messing around with the free agents before I tried to save it.
  15. dbhoudini

    dbhoudini Rookie

    Color rush

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  16. motel08

    motel08 Rookie

    Can I have a copy of 1.7 or 1.6 roster editor please. KingJavos website is no longer active and that was the only place it was saved, unfortunately.
  17. Josh pinkley

    Josh pinkley Rookie

    hey i just bought the editior and i have watched the videos yet my images are in the file and i still get the same error page poping up about no images...
  18. DjDmann

    DjDmann Rookie

    hey where can i get the 1.61 or 1.7 editor from
  19. owlhighking

    owlhighking Rookie

    Im looking for a editor as well. Doesn't have to be the newest, thank you in advance if someone helps out.
  20. FlexD

    FlexD Rookie

    Roster set: My own default rosters
    Editor: latest version
    When loading file into the editor I get the following error message

    "The Playbook Attribute Section is not complete or has inconsistencies"

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