Modding APF2k17: Raiders @ Chiefs!! - FULL GAME

Discussion in 'All Pro Football 2K' started by Kanobi, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Fewer rivalries are more storied and intense than that between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. The games are always ultra-physical and go down to the wire. This one was no exception! I used BigDave's file and made my own edits to each player based on real life data and info. Enjoy!!


    The gloves come off in the 2nd half as both teams make monster plays that ultimately shape the outcome of this amazing game!


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    @Kanobi -

    Hows it goin' man....this is phipsi1 from OS forum.....was wondering if by chance you could share where we can download your roster file? That video above was fantastic man!
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    Any up-to-date rosters out yet with draft classes? Ty!

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