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Discussion in 'APF 2K Rosters' started by Lord Destro, May 25, 2015.

  1. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

  2. Dollar Junior

    Dollar Junior Rookie

    Can't wait to try out the All Auburn team you make!
  3. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    I've done the uniforms, but not the team. Give me a few days.
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  4. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    Just messing around with the editor...I gave the CPU teams some NFL uniforms that I had saved in the worked. Wish there was a way I could make them selectable.
  5. DaTrainWrek

    DaTrainWrek Rookie

    Nice classic teams on your site! Thanks for the rosters bro!
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  6. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    Thank you, I was working on the All-Time Auburn team, but ran into some issues. After that...I'll focus on classic NFL teams again. I prefer creating NFL teams.
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  7. this guy has taught me alot and is very calm unlike me great work destro
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  8. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

  9. bridgette

    bridgette Rookie

    Thank you for all the teams. but i see they are all listed individually. Is there any way to add several teams to one roster, and do a season with all of your teams?
  10. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    Unfortunately, all those roster cannot be combined. When creating the rosters, I focused only on historic teams that can playable online.
  11. Good job destro played with the niners allteam looking really nice! Cant wait to try out more
  12. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    Thanks man. I'm currently working on 96 Patriots. Will be out in a week.
  13. Nice! Glad to see some people still care enough about this game to give their time to it!

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