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    |--Complete Rosters for the 2016-2017--|
    (XBOX 360)
    ALLPRO NCAA 2K17.jpg
    vvv DOWNLOAD!!! vvvv

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    Can't wait to try these! Thanks for all your hard work! It is definitely appreciated.
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    UR Welcome, make sure u download UR free wallpaper
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    Appreciate all your hard work & time making these rosters thank I'm gonna try them tonight
  5. I'm not sure who here is still actively playing 2K8 but I'm working on updating the default Legends themselves. It's a little depressing seeing so many great legends all having basically the same stats but just different traits. So, I'm going to look up each Star player and find their Legend Card attributes from MUT. The Ultimate Legend versions would make each player way too good (99ovr) so that was a no go. Legends cards are typically more realistic. The players are generally above 90 but usually stop around 97. Unfortunately, the much older hall of famers do not have MUT cards (or it's a 99OVR from Madden 25) so I won't update them until I figure something out. But it'll be nice to see players like Cunningam be a monster with 86 spd and 90 AGI instead of 70spd. Not to mention, the BTK for him was horrible and also Steve Young who an elusive runner. And last but not least, Walter Payton have the highest break tackle rating (95) (I combined TRK, ELU, SFA, SPM, JKM and then divided by 5) Pretty simple. I'm most concerned about balancing and players who dont have a MUT card for me to use. Maybe I'll create present day legends (In the HOF) Right now, I'm trying to make this roster one that you just load in, create a team, and play as if the original game was this way. I just want to give you guys a new experience.
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    I will be posting A HOF roster complete with cover art as well before next week if u wanna wait till then to save u the headache. all of the legends on the game will be on team/teams they played for as well as the retro Unis they wore back in that day but until then, happy editing
  7. Are you going to touch their attributes up or is cosmetics/teams only? I finished up today doing all the players who had Madden Legend cards but I'm considering creating more players to fill in for those whom I don't edit. I'm sure everyone would love a D. Sanders, Bo Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, and possibly a Sean Taylor who undoubtedly was headed to Canton.
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    ABSOLUTELY, I've created every all pro at every position for every team ever. I assure u, u will love them
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    Also the teams feel authentically sound and I didn't 99 every athlete like those other created rosters. I did allot of research as well to give each player an authentic rating and special skill and tier, even players since the beginning of football... Also, Never EVER rate ur system according to Madden's it's grossly inaccurate. Players have the innate ability to play harder against certain circumstances, Madden doesn't factor that in, but I do. .. And some players are great with certain teams so his rating will fluctuate, for example.. Stat wise, Terrell Owens was great for the cowboys and the eagles but his best years statistically were the 3 for the 49ers and the 1 for the Bengals were here had no drops and 26 touchdowns between the two so he's rating would be 99-127 since he was the best in San Francisco and Cincinnati. And this is factored for each legend. Also for instance with age each legends look changes, ... For example Emmitt Smith with the cowboys has hair vs Emmitt Smith with the Cardinals is bald. So as I stated it's more authentic instead of using the same cyber face for the same player as well. As of now I'm still testing them out to give the game balance. I will be posting them Monday afternoon for u guys to download, good luck till then
  10. I think even Emmit wants to forget his very brief stent with the Cardinals. Lol. I remember him with them on 2K5. It' a sad day to see a HOF start to decline. I felt the same way with LT on the Jets. I'e noticed from playing 2K5 and whatnot that though speed was 0-99 on there, I remember Trung/Troy Candidate being the fastest HB at 92 speed. Speed scales varied by postion and wasn't universal as Madden does. Also with strength too. I know they took bench AND squat and then gave a player a rating. Much better than Madden. Madden just sees how physical they play and use a bench press number as a base (I can't prove it but it sure seems that way) I downloaded a roster and saw Cole Beasley with 99 spd and I was like Uhhhh okay then.. Lol. Unfortunately, I seem to be years behind on this because I can't download Kings editor and I know it costs $10 but I can't figure out how to get it to work (unless he took it down) But I've got a basic editor. I changed a player postion and it didn' stick. I was so mad. So I'm hinder by not having a good editor to use.

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