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Discussion in 'APF 2K Rosters' started by duxrcool048, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    I'm just curious how the RateSports was able to do those mods? Through some kind of emulator? 2K5 was never released on PC right? Just wondering how it's possible, and if something like that could be possible for APF?
  2. tril

    tril Rookie

    Im playing NFL2k5 on my pc with the 2017 rosters. it works and the gameplay is satisfying, in addition its 16X9 full screen. graphics are better than decent for a title that came out 12 years ago. there are ps2 / xbox emulators out there. the plus side with the emulator is that you can save games while in progress...

    as far as apf2k8. the xbox360 emulators are still a work in progress, most of them Ive looked into are trojans/spyware/viruses etc. so Id be very careful if you download any thing that says apf2k8 emulator.
  3. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    Sound good! Thanks for the response!
  4. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    I'm just curious where did u c this for the PC and how do I get the emulator??
  5. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    There's videos on YouTube. Just search NFL 2K17 PC. Not sure how to get the emulator though.
  6. gza036

    gza036 Rookie

    Playstation 2 emulator, PCSX2. With a good gpu/cpu it works well. I can play 2k5 at 2560x1440

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