Rosters NFL2K17 Rosters Version 1 (APF2K8 XBOX 360)

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  1. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    Yeah it's weird. But still fun to be able to play on a new roster. Thanks for all your work!
  2. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    Yeah that sucks. But still fun to play with a new roster. Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. Could I still use your PFF Account though?? I really want to see the grades as well and compare them to other tools, I would buy it but I don't have a credit card account or Paypal. We can share, please dude I swear on my life
  4. You got my message??
  5. Sent you a new PM. Please read it and seriously think about it
  6. ??
  7. Eaglefan07

    Eaglefan07 Rookie

    for some reason when i try to play a season game the game crashes,fixes?
  8. No fixes but i am working on a workaround...just noticed this problem. :(
  9. So it really depends on what team you unchecked at the screen...working on a fix.
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  10. Willy29

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    Hey-- Could you tell me which programs I need to download the roster? Thanks in advance.
  11. I can't get these to work using the paid editor. Downloaded roster but when going to inject files into default rosters it duplicates and gives 2 default rosters instead of one. Any idea what would be causing this, normally after hitting inject file it over writes the default roster, but in this case it duplicates the roster. Then when I load it into the game it just gives me Nirmal default roster. Thanks in advance.
  12. TW17DB

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    Are these rosters playable in a season mode without freezing or crashing?
  13. What team do you want to use?
  14. TW17DB

    TW17DB Rookie

    Raiders or Chargers
  15. Hey I was able to get a PFF account. I was gonna ask you how were you able to determine the route running and receiving aggressiveness with the PFF Grades?
  16. rdsc1986

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    Have a chance to someone post a offline link or send me via private message this editor?? I'm from Brazil, and no have conditions to pay for that editor...i want play so this game!!!
  17. rdsc1986

    rdsc1986 Rookie

    I have same problem....cant use the roster file posted here......duplicates files
  18. bigdave2820

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    Complete rosters for the 2016-2017 SEASON!!


    ALLPRO NCAA 2K17.jpg

    vvv DOWNLOAD HERE !!! vvv

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  19. Nice work man! Look forward to trying these out.
  20. rdsc1986

    rdsc1986 Rookie

    just rehash and resign to play? all 32 teams ready to play in season modes? anyway, thanks man!!!

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