Rosters NFL2K17 Rosters Version 1 (APF2K8 XBOX 360)

Discussion in 'APF 2K Rosters' started by 25centsandwich, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. TW17DB

    TW17DB Rookie

    Do these rosters work is season mode without freezing?
  2. TW17DB

    TW17DB Rookie

    I just tried the roster they work fine playing exhibition games but it will freeze when trying to start a season 20160828_011136.jpg and it doesn't work
  3. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    Ok I look into it
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  4. TW17DB

    TW17DB Rookie

    OK I appreciate it
  5. Rwash55

    Rwash55 Rookie

    It says unable to load file & im using 360revolution to rehash & resign . Any help someone ?
  6. motel08

    motel08 Rookie

    Great work on these rosters.

    I just bought an XBOX 360 and was wondering if you could possibly upload the newest version of KingJavo's editor? All of the links I have found have been linked directly to his personal website which is no longer active.
  7. _Throwback

    _Throwback Rookie

    I know I am late, but are these still being done especially for PS3?

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