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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently creating the current roster for the NFL teams in APF 2k8 using the latest version of KingJavo's editor. My question is in regards to the attributes. Two attributes I struggle with is Run Coverage and Pass Coverage. I derive my attributes from the Official Madden Ratings, I think madden's ratings are over-saturated in categories so a lot of mine are combinations of a few of theirs. I have problem with these two particular attributes (RCV and PCV) and in their relation to linebackers and defensive lineman. Regardless of team, every team I create seems to have a ridiculous ability to stop the run making running the ball impossible. Should their be a cap limit on cornerback/safety's RCV and PCV? Also how I currently derive these attributes is to combine 25% of the Madden ratings Block Shedding + Play Recognition. Then combine that with 50% of their pursuit for RCV or 50% of their Awareness for PCV. So for example if Aqib Talib's madden ratings is Block Shed 75 Play Recognition75 Pursuit 60 Awareness 70. His attributes in my roster would be broken down as such. 75(Block Shed) + 75(Play Recognition) = 150/4 (25%) = 37.5. Then use that 37.5 as foundation. So 37.5 + 70(Awareness)/2 = 72.5 Pass Coverage Rating or 37.5 + 60(pursuit)/2 = 67.5 as their Run Coverage Rating. This seems extremely high for a Cornerback. So I am curious to everyone's suggestions on how to improve this system or a better way to do it entirely.

    Thank You
  2. I'm doing a roster set based on Pro Football Focus for skill ratings and Madden for raw ratings. I find alot of Madden's ratings to be convoluted so it can be quite hard to use them in 2K. PFF has nice simple run/pass grades that translate well. The problem is that it costs $$$ to get these.
  3. Yes I was about to say how you gonna use the PFF ratings
  4. I have an account so I have access to all the ratings. The way I use them is that I take the run stop grade of a player and adjust it for position/consistency in regards to run coverage and tackling.

    So a rookie LB and CB who has run stop grades of 80% would have a rating of 83 and 75 respectfully in regards to tackling and run coverage.

    A condistent star who has 80%, a run coverage and tackling rating for the LB might be 86 and 78 for the CB.

    It's an inexact formula lol but it's working great so far.
  5. How'd you setup an account and get all the ratings free?
  6. I had a paid subscription earlier. Coming in handy now.
  7. Do you think you can set me up?
  8. Jacen1347

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    Paid for the new one. Love it.

    A few suggestions:

    -Allow the pasting of copied players from a second instance of the editor or just the clipboard in general. (much easier for editing rosters)
    -Multiple windows (rosters) loaded within the app at once
    -Trade function (selecting a player or players from one team & then switching them with the same amount & position of players from another)

    Love the editor, & look forward to future major upgrades, of which I & the SFL will be happy to donate for.
    Keep it up Javo. Your work is appreciated man. Thanks again.
  9. Since this latest update is Xbox only, I'm considering getting the previous version since I think that is for PS3 also... hey Javo, can you let me know if that's the best move?
  10. King Javo

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    Yes. The latest version is for XBOX only. You'll want to download the one for PS3 from the version history.
  11. How's the new editor coming along for PS3? Is it close to being finished? You ever figured out why the season mode doesn't work?
  12. King Javo

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    Been slow... work is busy and personal stuff in the way. I'll let you guys know when something is coming.
  13. Im having problems with downloading and opening apf
    2k8 editor

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