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Discussion in 'APF 2K Rosters' started by duxrcool048, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    There are a few videos out there within the last month or so that have new rosters. Also, King Javo, you have tested out some of these. Are these rosters something that can be shared? I don't see any links in the videos description or anything. Do these people not want to share their rosters? Just curious.
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  2. Kanobi

    Kanobi Rookie

    Here's a video I put up but my roster file is still under construction:

    Note: I kept some big name players who've retired...Manning, Lynch, etc. Just felt those guys make the game more compelling to watch and test. -

    Please forgive the video quality and color commentary from my dog lol
  3. duxrcool048

    duxrcool048 Rookie

    Thanks! I appreciate the response. I just can't wait to play with a newer file. This game is awesome!

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