APF 2k8 PS3 Roster updates (with super edit that explains how to use BF)

Discussion in 'All Pro Football 2K' started by MightyRx, Aug 20, 2015.

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    After editing the roster file and changing nothing but some players names and uniform numbers on a user owned team, on reloading to XBox I find that some of my newly named players have...well...bizarre and massively distorted faces/heads! This appears during practice or in a game as two big blotches of black coming out of the players helmets. If you run a replay and zoom in close, the face is seriously distorted and looks kind of like the monster in "The Predator" movie!

    Anyone seen this before and have any ideas? When editing the roster file for my first pass I was careful to just change the player names and number...didn't mess with any other attributes.
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    Think I figured this one out. I was editing gold/silver/bronze tier players changing their names and setting their photo to "none". Those tier players without a specific photo were the ones with the "Predator faces". Went back & changed the names but left the photo's set and the problem is gone :)
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    Quick followup. This was the key and now I've been able to successfully create several user teams by editing the overall player pool...Thanks steelers99 :joyful:

    It is very strange though - and I've verified this numerous times - the roster file player list sorted by player ID shows the computer team rosters, then a pool of Free Agents - with the last dozen players with garbage for names, then 20 players with asterisks for names belonging to the 1st user team with skill ratings of 0. Then the user teams actually begin about 20 players into it's roster. It's cool now that I know how to work around that, but it's very odd that the user team roster doesn't begin with the 1st gold tier player at the 1st position in it's roster...oh well, the moral of the story is it's better to know how to work around something than drive yourself crazy figuring out why something isn't correct.
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    Kinda late to the question but I thought I could explain my work around. Had the same thing happen when I tried to change a roster with "Pepper" originally on it. Change the tier player name with the special first name to a nobody on your roster (like the 5th WR or 4th CB). This players 1st name will be garbled but the last name on the jersey should be ok...besides, they're so far down in the roster you'll probably rarely see them on the field except on special teams.
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    Made some headway...
    Figured out which APF teams played what types of offense and defense and matched them to their closest NFL counter parts. (Sorry AFC North!)
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  6. How the fuck do you change the team abbreviation
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    @MightyRx hey just wanted to say thanks for this very nice tutorial! I've used Aldo's BruteForce a few times so I know the score but I really appreciate anyone who takes the time and trouble to type it all down for those who don't know. It's nice to go over the steps again anyway. Respect to you sir!!
    BTW I wish you luck and godspeed editing your PS3 rosters, it's the same thing for me man, I hope we can sort it all out at some point so we can share our NFL2K16 PS3 rosters with the Xbox guys and vice versa, cheers!
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    Hey guys. I'm new here. I'm trying to find a version of bruteforce that works on my computer. The only one I could find was an older version and it said there was a file missing after I installed it. But I'm looking forward to putting work into this roster file! I'll keep trying to find a working version to get started, as I see that the last post here is two months old. You guys still out there? I want this so bad, I want to do an NFL season in this game for my youtube channel on ps3. I already created the patriots, well, in the regular game without modifying anything as the philly americans LOL. Anyway, if you know of a download spot for a newer working version of bruteforce (I'm on windows 7 if that matters at all), please let me know here. Thanks guys and keep it sim.
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    Click on this link. I have it on my website.

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    I'm having trouble with the editor. I've unchecked teams as user controlled and when I transfer the save over to my ps3 the same teams are still user teams and I tried to make a QB on the patriots tom brady by editing another QB in the editor and renaming him and he isn't showing up. ?
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    Anybody out there? You guys should add me on ps3 (earthpart2) or hit me up on youtube (earthpart3) if you know your way around the editor on ps3, so I can create all the players and give them their stats and try to create a file for fellow ps3 users to download and have current accurate rosters for the current nfl season (2015 season). I really want to do this. I noticed that in the editor someone had already created some of the teams and some of the logos, I don't know how the logos were done, but I'd like to complete this for the entire nfl. I am not looking to make legends rosters unless people want them, I just know that for me and for my channel I'd prefer to do nfl stuff. Anyone interested in helping with this?
  14. Did you ever get the season done
  15. Hi guys, I've downloaded the version of the editor in the OP and followed the instructions on using BF, but when I use the editor to open a USERDATA file, it refuses to respond. Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks.
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    When editing a roster for use in season mode ,do I start editing with a default roster file, or a season file?

    I want to edit all player names for a completely fictional league
  17. Can somebody give me some tips. I used to be able to edit with no problem on 360 using modio, etc but now my saves are unable to read. Also i'm trying to use PS3 and BF but I can't seem to locate the file in the editor after
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    how many times can you resign an encrypt a file,
    Ive been working on a file and each time I save it and then encrypt, it will work the first time, but then when I decrpyt the same file again to edit some more the file basically becomes unusable.

    should I only decrypt the file once and re encrypt if after all the editing is done,
  19. I have a UK PS3 and when I try to use BF it says that no key can be found to decrypt the game. I have a game save to acces the PARAM.SFO file and USERDATA, but when I double click to decrypt - no joy!!

    Can BF be used on a gamesave fro a UK PS3? I'm using V4.7.4 of BF.
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    I am also having trouble opening my saved roster file in the editor.
    I get the following error:
    "The Player Attribute Section is not complete or has inconsistencies" or something similar.
    Is there any way around this?
    I'm using the latest version of the editor.

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