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Discussion in 'All Pro Football 2K' started by Brandon J, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Brandon J

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    Hello everyone I’m new to this website and new to using the editor for APF 2k8. I love playing the game and I want to trying using the NFL team rosters.

    I’ve downloaded the new editor version and the latest horizon and “Big Dave” 2018 rosters and I have a flash drive but now I’m stuck on how to save the rosters or teams on my usb from the editor. I'm using Windows 10. I have my 8 teams I want to use but not sure what to do next.
    Horizon isn’t recognizing I have a flash drive right now so I’m lost but so ready to play. Any help is appreciated.

    ** I format my flash drive so now horizon reads it
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  2. Brandon J

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    I loaded my first rosters onto my 360 and I think they’re good. I think all or most of Big Dave’s teams loaded onto the game and I’m able to use(play as) the 8 teams I selected right?

    This video helped me learn how if anybody else needs help

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